Cargo Hold Cleaning Machine

Air-Hydro-Blasting Gun CJ-35

Most Powerful Portable Cleaning Gun on the Market

Applications-  Cleaning of Rust residue, Flanking paint, Cargo residue.

Easy to operate, one man operation, Adjustable valve for variable power cleaning control, Low recoil force.

Available in Aluminium alloy contrution ( PU Coated Paint)  / Stainless steel version.

Effective Range: 35 MTRS

Water Pressure: 7-10 Bars

Air Hose: 3/4" ( Min)  - or 1"

Water Hoses size: 2" ( 50mm)

Estimate Water Flow: 25~30 M3/hr

Water Connection: 2" BSP Male Standard

Selection of Stand- Tripod / Wheel Platform / Stainless Steel Tripod


Item Code Model Stand Cleaning Gun Qty
CJ-35-T CJ-35 Tripod Aluminium - PU Coated
CJ-35-P CJ-35WP Platform with wheels Aluminium- PU Coated
CJ-35-WPS CJ-35WPS Platform with wheels Stainless Steel
CJ-35-S CJ-35S Tripod Stainless steel Stainless Steel