About Us

About Us

KM Kinley Marketing has been an independent family-owned company since 1980's. The company focus is on precision manufacturer of Dyken water-driven and pneumatic driven fans, Cobolt surface preparation equipment, pneumatic high-speed mucking winches, and Cobolt turbo ventilations for confined spaces and HazMat environment equipment. In addition, we are the key South East Asia direct sales and marketing firm for a number of businesses located throughout the world and across the industries of marine and offshore, Oil and Gas, petrochemical, aerospace, military, and securities. 

For us, nothing is more important than serving as a comprehensive solution for our partners around the globe. In today’s globalized economy, businesses from all over depend on each other to provide and receive the products that they need to keep the wheels of our international marketplace turning.

At KM Kinley, we’re simply doing our part by providing affordable access to the innovative tools and cutting-edge equipment that our partners depend on to help them run their businesses.

Based in Singapore, our 40,000 sqft. facility serves as our primary manufacturing, assembly line and distribution site, from where we ship domestically and internationally to our partners from around the globe. Our primary manufacturing plant is Singapore mainly produces precision engineering parts and are assembled into a complete equipment. Throughtout the years of operations, we had gained extensive in depth technical knowledge in manufacutring  Pneumatic and hydraulic power source for HazMat environment. In addition, our in-house Industrial design,  Engineering  and Electrical team work with our clients to develop new and innovative products from idea conception to the final product or to enhance and adding value and preformance to existing products. 

We’re constantly focused on driving down costs, increasing efficiency, and helping our partners succeed in all that they do.

Our Missions

At KM Kinley, our mission is simple – we’re focused on continuously offering our partners the very best materials, tools, equipment, and products on the market to help them gain the upper hand on the competition. We help our partners leverage the benefits of our globalized economy and provide them with the affordable and dependable service that they deserve. If you’re ready to see everything that we have to offer, click here to view our catalogue.


Welcome to our Product Catalogue. Here at KM Kinley, we’re focused on giving our partners every opportunity to succeed either by offering them the products that they need to run their business, or by working with them directly to design and develop a brand new, bespoke product specifically tailored to their unique needs. Take a look at the wide range or products that we have to offer by filtering through our categories. With brands from Cobolt, to Roma, to Aurand USA, Raytec Spartan, and Nightsearcher, you can always find what you’re looking for at KM Kinley.

Custom Products

If you do not see the solution that you’re looking for here, contact us directly and speak to a member of our design and engineering team to inquire about a bespoke product that we can design specifically for your unique needs in our Singapore-based distribution and manufacturing facility.  Further more with our KM Rental concepts- We have a complete range of ventilations to lighting and tools for rental and comprehesive range of equipment available for onshore or offshore needs and industrial needs.

We’d be more than happy to help you find the solution that you need.

  • Cobolt Blowers/Ventilations - Portable / Fixed / Explosion Proof Series
  • Texas Pneumatics, Inc- USA- Air Movers/ Jet Fans/ Air Manifolds
  •  SA Equip- Air / Heat / Power/ Light
  • ATEXOR - MICA & SLAM- EX lighting package
  • Innovative Manufacturing - Marine corrosion prevention tapes system
  • Cengar - Atex Professional Air Saw
  •  Dyken- Water Driven and Pneumatic Driven Fans
  • CableSafe
  • KEEEN - Environment control Solution
  • ALTLED - EX Floodlight
  • Fast-Act Chemical Treatment
  • Scangrip- Lightings
  • Ramfan (Euramcosafety Inc)- Portable Explosion Proof Blowers- USA

ISO 9000 Standards- We are ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 Certified

ISO 9000 is the internationally recognized qualtiy management standard for business to business dealings and our commitment to acheive this standard means our products are built in accordance with documentation process and quality control process to ensure ongoing uniformity and reliabliity. Meeting this standard ensure KM Kinley Marketing fulfills the customer's quality requirement and application usage while enhancing and maintaining customer satisfaction and continual improvement of our product perfomances.