TX-JF24, 24" JET FAN

TX-JF24 - 24" Jet Fan


  • Use for general ventilation in any location where compressed air is available. Use as blower or exhauster
  • Suited for ventilation of tanks, process vessels, or other confined areas for the removal of hazardous fumes or contaminated air from welding, sandblasting and other operations.
  • Mounting Flange designed to use with 24", 150# API Flange Plate.
  • Rated operating pressure 40-110 PSI.
  • Design allows for lower RPMs while still moving more air.
  • Bearings are packed with a hi-tech synthetic lubricant for longer life.
  • Fan Blades are precision balanced.
  • Use as blower or exhauster.
  • Electro polished stainless steel fan guards.
  • Housings and Blades are heat treated to T6 aircraft aluminum specifications.
  • Extream-duty, high quality, high pressure air seal for longer service life.
  • Heaviest-duty, highest quality fan in the industry.
  • Hi-tech four blade design.
  • Six guide vanes to smooth air flow and eliminate turbulence.
  • Fan design by one of the foremost fan engineers in the world.
  • Use with Swing Gates (TX-SG24) for added safety in confined space use


  • Weight = 131 lbs
  • Minimum Hose Size = 1" NPT
  • Air Inlet = 1" NPT
  • Max Pressure = 150 PSI
  • Depth = 12"
  • Diameter = 31.25"

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