CL75 can be used handheld or clamp mounted for cutting heavier sections and Pipe up to 150mm dia.

The CL75 Saw uses 19mm (3/4″) wide Bi-Metal Blades. Used for many applications in Oil & Petrochemical, Fabrication, Ship Building and Repair, Boatbuilding, Aircraft Maintenance and by Fire and Rescue Services.
CL50FT & CL75FT – has an inside front trigger

Supplied in a carry case complete with sample blades and a 250ml bottle of oil.

IMPA CODE: 59 05 79/59 05 80
NATO NO. 3220994278767/5130998124720

ATEX Approved CL75 – CE EX II 2G Ex h IIC T3 Gb, ideal for applications requiring pneumatic power for safety.

Cold cutting – No need for Hot Work Permit.


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Item Code Cengar Bi-metal Saw TPI Price Qty
CL75 MB 150/200/250/300 10-14 / 18 / 24
CL75FT - Front Trigger MB 150/200/250/300 10-14 / 18 / 24