TX-MSS-1600 - 1,600 CFM Moisture Separating System

  • Eliminates moisture from the compressor with four levels of separation
  • No moving parts to maintain
  • Deliquescent desiccant for added drying
  • Multiple outlets with Auto Exhaust Ball Valves & Safety Lock Cables
  • Use in combination with additional Manifolds or Portable FRL Systems
  • 200 psi ASME code tank
  • All components from Stainless, Aluminum or Galvanized steel

The TX-MSS-1600 has a 3 inch inlet with a wingnut Boss fitting and a Safety Lock Cable (TX-SLC2).  The system has five outlets.  The primary outlet is 3" and has a 3" OSHA compliant auto exhaust ball valve and wingnut Boss fitting.  There is one outlet with a 2 inch OSHA compliant auto exhaust ball valve (TX-10043-1) and a 4-prong crowfoot fitting (CFAM28).  Two outlets are equipped with 1" OSHA compliant auto exhaust ball valves (TX-10042-1) and 2-prong crowfoot fittings (CFAM12), and the last outlet has a 3/4" OSHA compliant ball valve (TX-10028-1) and 2-prong crowfoot fitting (CFAM7).  All outlets have safety lock cables (TX-SLC1 or TX-SLC2) to limit the travel of erratic hoses in case of hose breakage or accidental disconnection.  

The system's manifold tank has three additional outlet ports that can be configured with ball valves and crowfoot fittings.  A fourth outlet is utilized by the system and provides compressed air to the Air Movers which are used to pull ambient air through the aftercooler.  The aftercooler is the primary moisture separating component.  The ambient air being pulled through the cooling fins of the aftercooler to remove heat from the compressed air that is flowing through the interior of the aftercooler.  The rapid cooling of hot compressed air causes moisture vapor to condense into liquid.  The liquid then falls to the bottom of the deliquescent desiccant tank where it is expelled via the 1/2" ball valve on the bottom.  This valve is kept slightly open during operation to continually remove water from the system. 

These systems are ideal for removing moisture prior to sand blasting or painting.  However, they can also be used to remove moisture that can damage air tools like impact wrenches and grinders.  Tools can run off the additional outlet ports or additional Manifolds can be used in conjunction with the Moisture Separator Systems.  For example, a TX-2AMF, TX-4AMF or TX-5AMF can be connected via a 2 inch hose to the 2 inch outlet of the Moisture Separating System.  The Manifolds provide a centralized distribution point, and because the compressed air has already been cooled and the moisture has been removed, all downstream compressed air is dry.  Portable In-Line Lubricators and Filter / Lubricators should be used with any air tool to provide lubricaton during use.  Texas Pneumatic Hose Whip Assemblies can be configured for any application. 

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