Gas Freeing Fans Ducts

Cobolt Gas Freeing Fan Duct- AS & FR series

Air Ducting  can build up large amounts of  air friction that result in build-up of static electricity from the air and air from the blowers. When Air flow are moved through a ducting, built-up static electric charges will occur on the when is  flowing. This occurs because the air are constantly moving and colliding with each other. When this happens a bit of electric charge is transferred from one particle to another. If the process goes on long enough, you can have many kilovolts difference across the grain container. This is enough to cause a static discharge just like lightning and if any flammable  ocuurs then a very powerful explosion can follow. This is the exact scenario which anti-static hoses have been designed to protect against.

With the risks that static electricity presents, it is important to utilize anti-static Duct to ensure that your hose maintains maximum airflow and reduces the risk of fire damage.

Cobolt conductive Ducts are  designed to effectively moves air and prevent static build-up. Our static dissipative Duct features specially made duct materials that allow the duct to move large amounts of air and reducing static. Cobolt anti-static Duct helps to prevent the build up when the ducting is firmly grounded when attached to the ventilation device.

Along with the ability to prevent static build-up, our static dissipative hose is also extremely durable. Our conductive duct products are excellent resistance to outside abrasions. 

Earth grounding is essential in utilizing the anti-static features of this product, it is also important that a duct be flexible. Our static dissipative Duct have the flexibility you need to keep the flex duct grounded and reach the areas necessary without sacrificing their air-flow or creating static build up. 

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Item Code Diameter Length Qty
CASD-4 4", 100mm 5 / 10 Meters
CASD-6 6", 150mm 5 / 10 meters
CASD-8 8", 200mm 5 / 10 Meters
CASD-10 10", 250mm 5 / 10 Meters
CASD-12 12", 300mm 5 / 10 Meters
CASD-16 16", 400mm 5 / 10 Meters