High Temperature Air Duct

Cobolt High Temperature - Flame retardant Air Ducting- HT 300 Series

Cobolt High Temperature  air Ducting, HT 300 series ducting is made high temperature and flame retardant material infused with woven with a fibreglass fabric and a alumiunium helix external wear strip. The Ducting is supplies with stainlesss steel securing clips at both ends.

-The HT 300 Series is suitable for temperature up to 300 ~350 degree celsius.

All ducting can be placed on either end of an air mover or fan. 

The hose can be used for supply or suction.


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Item Code Diameter Length Qty
CAD-HT-8-5 8" 200mm 5 M
CAD-HT-8-0 8" 200mm 10 M
CAD-HT-12-5 12" 300mm 5 M
CAD-HT-12-0 12" 300mm 10 M
CAD-HT-16-5 16" 400mm 5 M
CAD-HT-16-0 16" 400mm 10 M