No Spray Shield - Anti-splashing Shield

NoSpray Shields

NoSpray Shields

NoSpray Shields are designed to contain the spray of hazardous liquids in vessel engine rooms, a cause of dangerous fires and loss of life and property. NoSpray Shields are manufactured in multiple layers from a silicone rubber applied on a silica fibre fabric, specially formulated to withstand high temperatures and pressures, and an aluminum foil lining, which creates a corrosion resistant barrier for long lasting protection.

NoSpray Shields are available in various widths which can be cut to size for use on flanges, valves, fittings, or any irregular shaped surface which can leak hazardous liquids.

NoSpray Shields encapsulate the protected surface and are easily installed using our drawstring system. Removable, reusable and extremely durable. NoSpray Shields provide a consistent, clean look in vessel engine rooms.

Width: 100 mm (4″)
Length: 5 m (16.5′)
Rolls/Box: 3
Typical Use: For typical flanges on a 25 mm (0.5″) to 50 mm (1″) pipe diameter
Width: 150 mm (6″)
Length: 5 m (16.5′)
Rolls/Box: 2
Typical Use: For typical flanges on a 50 mm (1″) to 100 mm (2″) pipe diameter
Width: 300 mm (12″)
Length: 5 m (16.5′)
Rolls/Box: 1
Typical Use: For typical flanges on a 100 mm (2″) pipe diameter and up

Meets SOLAS Regulation II – 2/15.2.11

Installation Instructions

  1. Measure the outside diameter of the flange and cut the NoSpray Shield to a length of 130%.
  2. Cut a small hole about 1″ (25 mm) from each end of the shield on the pocket.
  3. Centre the shield on the flange and wrap snugly, overlapping the ends.
  4. Thread a lacing wire through each of the two cut holes and pull the lacing wire through the pockets.
  5. Draw together and fold under the cut edge of Shield for a neat finish.
  6. When pulled together snugly, secure with pliers and cut off excess wire.

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Item Code Length Qty
NoSpray Shield 100mm 5 Mtr
NoSpray Shield 150mm 5 Mtr
NoSpray Shield 300mm 5 Mtr