Disposable Duct

Cobolt Disposable Duct- Polythene Series

Cobolt Layflat Ducting - Disposable series.

- Lightweight and Durable. Maximum Flexibility, Elasticity, Toughness and Resistance to tearing for 6mil.

- Available thickness up to 6 mil and 3.15 mil - 0.08  or  0.15mm. 

-100 Meters per roll.

- Reuseable and unaffected by chemicals and moisture. 5 to 65 Degrees Celsius.

-Roll or fold layflat for storage.-Cut to length available.

-Used for Moving forced air for buildings, renovations, shipyards and other temporary air movement applications.

-It will collapse when air flow stops.

-The Layflat Duct diameter is measured and calculated when laying flat.



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Item Code Diameter Thickness Length Qty
CDD-6 6", 150mm
CDD-8 8" , 200mm
CDD-10 10", 250mm
CDD-12 12", 300mm
CDD-14 14", 350mm
CDD-16 16", 400mm
CDD-20 20", 500mm 80 meter
CDD-24 24", 600mm 80 meter