SteamKote HT Pipe Dressing

Steamkote HT Pipe Dressing

SteamKote HT Pipe Dressing 

SteamKote HT Pipe Dressing is a high temperature coating formulated to protect against corrosion on steam pipes, valves and deck equipment. SteamKote forms a flexible skin when cured that will not crack, peel or harden even under harsh marine conditions. SteamKote is the only non-flammable pipe dressing.

IMPA: 45 07 91
Packaging: Single Pails / 4 Cans
Weight (lb): 35.5 lbs
Weight (kg): 16 kg  / 4 x 4 Can packing
Download: Product Bulletin & Specifications PDF


Temperature Range:: Colour:
-40°C to +230°C: Transparent Tan
Temperature Range:: Weight:
-40°C to +230°C: 16 kg/pail ( 35.5 lbs/pail)
Temperature Range:: Dry to Touch:
-40°C to +230°C: 24 hours
Temperature Range:: Thickness Application:
-40°C to +230°C: 3-4 mm
Temperature Range:: Coverage:
-40°C to +230°C: 0.33 m2/kg

Application Instructions

  1. Surface must be ambient temperature
  2. Remove loose rust and old tape
  3. Be sure surface is dry
  4. Apply SteamKote evenly using a spatula or rubber gloves
  5. Allow 48 hours before resuming operation of equipment

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Item Code Packing Size Qty
Steamkote HT Pipe Dressing 16 KG Pails
SteamKote HT Pipe Dressing 4 x 4 Can