Tunnel Ventilators / Blowers

Cobolt Tunnel Blower/Exhauster

High Peformance Ventilation- Blower  or Exhauster unit mode.

Diameter from 600mm to 1250 mm

Built for Tunnel Shaft Ventilations.

High performance airflow rate.-  Aluminium fan blades

Various range of RPM

High Perfomance Electric Motor


Blower Stand Unit

Silencer unit

Silencer unit with acoustic Bullet

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Item Code Model Diameter Voltage Power Airflow Qty
CA-600MW CA35-600 600mm 440V 3Kw
CA-600 CA35-600i 600mm 440V 3 KW 22,000 cmh / 303 pa
CA-600-5.5 CA35-600-5.5 600mm 440V 5.5 Kw
CA-700 CA35-700 700mm 440V 7.5 Kw 32,700 cmh / 370 pa
CA-800 CA35-800 800mm 440V 7.5 Kw 42,500 cmh / 399 pa
CA-900 CA35-900 900mm 440V 7.5 Kw 38,100 cmh/202 pa
CA-900-High Speed CA35-900-HS 900mm 440V 11 KW
CA-1000.75 CA35-1000-7.5 1000mm 440V 7.5 Kw 46,600 cmh / 230pa
CA-1000.11-High Speed CA35-1000-11 1000mm 440V 15 Kw 65,800 cmh
CA-1120 CA35-1120 1120mm 440V 15 Kw 67,600 cmh
CA-1120- High Speed CA35-1120-22 1250mm 440V 22 Kw 71,200 cmh
CA-1250 CA35-1250 1250mm 440V 22 Kw 90,600 cmh